National Association of Royalty Owners
The ONLY national organization representing, solely and without
compromise, oil & gas royalty interests.

Watch here for information about the 2018
Colorado NARO Convention

NARO is a volunteer led, non-profit organization.
Meet our Colorado Board of Directors! 

Colorado mineral owners!  We want to know what is concerning to you. 


Your property rights?

Mis/disinformation  about oil and gas production?

Deductions taken in your royalty check?


On what topics do you need more information and education?
Your property rights?

What is happening with proposed local bans/moritoriums? 

How to get involved in local meetings and be heard? 

Estate planning for mineral owners? 

Tax issues for mineral owners?

We will be releasing 2017 Colorado Convention information soon.  Let us know what topics you are interested in!

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